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Fire & Rescue

Your community volunteer fire department is located at 222 Railway Street. 

They currently have a total of 13 personnel on the roster and always looking for more volunteers to serve our community. 

If you are interested, please attend a regular scheduled meeting on the 1st Tuesday of any month. 

Check it out and see if it "turns-out" to what you expected it to be.  Hoping to see you in the near future!

Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of the month ~ Beginning at 6:30 pm

Trainings are the 3rd Tuesday of the month ~ Beginning at 6:30 pm

LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: Collins Fire & Rescue

If you are witnessing or experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.


Fire Chief Daryl Kennedy @ (515)975-4073
Assistant Fire Chief Darren Kennedy
Fire Captain Cory Sievers
EMS Captain/Firefighter Dan Newton
EMS Lieutenant/Service Director Dawnell Kennedy
EMS and Firefighter Aaron Fisher
Firefighter Aaron Croker
Firefighter David Botterbrodt
Firefighter Steven Welch
Firefighter Nathaniel Sholley
EMS Nicholas Toornstra
Firefighter Ed Weldon
Reserve Steve Shipton





Daryl Kennedy - Fire ChiefDaryl Kennedy - Fire Chief Darren Kennedy - Asst. ChiefDarren Kennedy - Asst. Chief Cory Sievers - Fire CaptainCory Sievers - Fire Captain Dan Newton - EMT/FirefighterDan Newton - EMT/Firefighter Dawnell Kennedy - EMS Service DirectorDawnell Kennedy - EMS Service Director Aaron Fisher - EMR/FirefighterAaron Fisher - EMR/Firefighter Aaron Croker - FirefighterAaron Croker - Firefighter David Botterbrodt - FirefighterDavid Botterbrodt - Firefighter Steven Welch - FirefighterSteven Welch - Firefighter Nate Sholley - FirefighterNate Sholley - Firefighter Nicholas Toornstra - EMSNicholas Toornstra - EMS Ed Weldon - FirefighterEd Weldon - Firefighter Steve Shipton - ReserveSteve Shipton - Reserve