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Fire & Rescue

Your community volunteer fire department is located at 222 Railway Street. 

They currently have a total of 12 personnel on the roster and always looking for more volunteers to serve our community. 

If you are interested, please attend a regular scheduled meeting on the 1st Tuesday of any month. 

Check it out and see if it "turns-out" to what you expected it to be.  Hoping to see you in the near future!

Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of the month ~ Beginning at 6:30 pm

Trainings are the 3rd Tuesday of the month ~ Beginning at 6:30 pm


The call volume seems to increase each year. In reflecting on 2017, the total number of calls combined between fire and EMS were 89.  That is 7.41 calls per month - one to two calls per week. 

When the pager tones go off, feet hit the floor and they are off and running. It takes time, dedication and devotion to answer the call, at any time of day.  The hours that are GIVEN are countless and they do it because you are important and they care about our community.

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If you are witnessing or experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.


Fire Chief Daryl Kennedy @ (515)975-4073
Assistant Fire Chief Darren Kennedy
Fire Captain/President Cory Sievers
EMS Captain/Firefighter and EMS Dan Newton
EMS Lt/Service Director/Secretary-Treasurer Dawnell Kennedy
Firefighter and EMS Aaron Fisher
Firefighter/Vice-President Andrew Coree
Firefighter Aaron Croker
Firefighter David Botterbrodt
Firefighter Steven Welch
Firefighter Nathaniel Sholley
Reserve Steve Shipton





Daryl KennedyDaryl Kennedy Darren KennedyDarren Kennedy Cory SieversCory Sievers Dan NewtonDan Newton Dawnell KennedyDawnell Kennedy Aaron FisherAaron Fisher Andrew CoreeAndrew Coree Aaron CrokerAaron Croker David BotterbrodtDavid Botterbrodt Steven WelchSteven Welch Steve ShiptonSteve Shipton