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Payment Options

The City of Collins offers a variety of convenient payment options for our residents.

*We accept multiple ways to pay:

1. Cash

2. Check

3. Money orders

4. ACH from your bank account  (Exchange State Bank customers ONLY)

    *If you would like to have payment automatically deducted on or around the 10th of each month from your account -

      please fill out the ACH form below and return it to City Hall.

5. Credit/Debit cards

6. USPS (Mail) 

    *If you are mailing your payment in, please send all payments with your payment coupon. 

    *To avoid late fees, please mail your payment at least five-seven business days before the due date (the 10th).



Relevant Documents

Payment Address

City of Collins
212 Main Street, P.O. Box 15
Collins, IA 50055